Chainlink and 7 More Altcoins Poised For Massive Breakout! Analyst Maps The Direction

In the middle of all the mixed signals in the digital asset market, Michael van de Poppe, a well-known crypto strategist, and the trader have highlighted the crucial levels of support for eight low-cap altcoins that could be poised for a breakout.

According to Van de Poppe’s chart, Chainlink, he claims, is continuing on the path after rebounding from a big support zone. He’d want to see $15 become support as well, or at the very least a new higher bottom, to justify additional upward momentum towards $20 and above.


The next one is Verasity, which he claims has remained constant despite strong backing. He says that it needs to breach $0.01 and $0.0135 before moving on to $0.024 in order to make its next move. Overall, he believes it is ready to bloom in the new cycle which is to begin.

Skale Network

This is a blockchain network that allows developers to construct and deploy decentralized chains that are fully compatible with Ethereum, is the next one on his radar. According to him SKL Price one is most likely bottomed out too as it’s on heavy support.”


Ziliqa is the next target on his list. According to him, the ZIL/BTC pair is expected to bounce hard from this level of support, with the next resistance zone being around 270 sats. He also says that nothing has changed in this area.


The following one is Holochain (HOT), according to him, because it has totally retraced and so might be fascinating. He explained in his chart that there are constant lower highs, implying that the bottom construction is not yet complete. In his diagram, he points to two possible outcomes.


He refers to COTI as another one, implying that it is a full retrace. It made contact with the preceding cycle’s high, which marked the beginning of the current impulse wave. Critical resistances are $0.155 and $0.185, he says. However, he also believes that the bottom has been reached or that a new accumulation period has begun.


He is not very Bullish for AVAX as he says that the Chart looks messy.

Rejected at 41K sats and testing support for the second time now.The area must hold, otherwise, I’d be looking at 20K sats next.If 41K breaks -> 60-63K sats next.

The last being QNT, he says that the chart seems very bullish and there is a continuation of a trend here.

I’d like to see 220K sats hold for support.

If that happens, then probably continuation can happen to 390K sats.

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