“It’s Not My Job to Make the Cardano Price Go up” – Charles Hoskinson

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    In a new YouTube live stream, Hoskinson speaks about the ‘Price and Value’ of Cardano. He says price predictions of the token are the least interesting and most destructive thing to happen to a project.

    The founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson says, he doesn’t care about ADA price trends and it’s not his job to spike the prices. Moving further he says Cardano Price could be worth $10 in the future, but it does not matter to him, all that’s important is his life’s work that he has put into it.

    He expresses that, the token’s price should not decide the potential of the project, and as an engineer of a tech company it not his job to make the price surge, but it is focused on how to develop the blockchain and solve the problems of DeFi world.

    I don’t know why the price goes up. I don’t know why the price goes down and I don’t want anything to do with base speculation about these particular things. It’s not my job, as a technology company, an engineer scientist to make the price go up.   

    Cardano Is Building World Financial Operating System

    For the people who have heavily invested in ADA, he says they have invested in something that will contribute to the world financial operating system. and they are a part of the governance.

    “I’ll remind those people you have purchased into something that carries responsibilities, you are now part of the story of how to maintain the world financial operating system we are building together you are now part of the story of governance”.

    Hoskinson thinks the price trends are unpredictable and there’s still inside baseball due to regulation, and all of this is the game he doesn’t know how to win and doesn’t play. 

    ADA has soared 8122% in a year and achieved its ATH of $1.48 on Feb 27. Currently, it is trading at $ 1.21 with a market cap of $38.83 Billion.

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