Bondly, OMG & Polkaman Poised to Surge 50x in April!

Well-known Crypto trader and influencer Alexander Lorenzo, in a new video, talks about 3 altcoins to skyrocket this altcoin cycle.

He tells his 98.5K subscribers, it’s time for Altcoins to overtake Bitcoin, and this altcoin cycle is going to be massive, making great gains for early investors.

OMG Network

His first pick is Layer 2 scaling solution project OMG Network (OMG) on Ethereum. It is a value transfer layer for ERC 20 tokens. Projects on this network function cheaper and faster without compromising the security of Ethereum.

The analyst thinks it is a safe bet to make in the layer 2 scaling platforms category, as it is backed by a great team, but is currently undervalued and lacks marketing and community building. However, the project has great liquidity and is listed on various exchanges.

This is an OG platform since 2017, Although is currently undervalued as it stands #93 on Coinmarketcap but has the potential to explode.


Next up on Lorenzo’s list is the digital collectibles Defi swap platform, Bondly. With the everyday growing craze of NFTs in the market, This platform has the potential to explode big.

It has already done great projects and has had the biggest influencers on board before.

They have worked with Tory Lanex, Logan Paul, and PelleK.

They are dynamic and different, with great interoperability. It has cardgames polkapets and other rare NFTs. and also have launchpad events lined up.


Last on the list is this low-cap market gem Polkaman. which is an animated digital collectible, that has been listed on Uniswap recently. The platform will enable the creation of Dapps to store NFT collections and displayable’s on phone. They have the perfect recipe for a pumping NFT platform.

It has ultra-rare Nft’s, high liquidity tokens, staking, and cross-chain on the platform. The credibility, marketing, and a promising team fuel the performance of the platform. making it a perfect token to bet on.

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