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BNB Price Sweeps Down, LUNA and XRP Price Slumping?


    Binance coin price dipping to a $385, diversion from $500 approach.

    LUNA price stumbles and falls into a downtrend, seen sailing at $6.5

    XRP, Ripple price drops post continued oscillations.

BNB Slips Into a Bearish Tangle

Binance coin, an important cryptocurrency, is presently seen leaping over. It has put all undertakings to hit the $500 mark this week. However, when the price strikes at $430, the trends reversed and BNB slipped into a bearish tangle. Currently, it is dipping rapidly and dropping beyond $400.


At the time of typing, the BNB price is seen at $384.48. In the early hours, the price swung up to $425 but the bullish intensity ceased and the price flipped in the other direction and dipped near $400. Failing to retain the support level, the price dropped again now. Shortly, the price might plunge further near $380 and might sail at this mark. Or, with some bulls in hand, the price may rise again in the coming hours.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $424.8
  • The support value is $413.8
  • The indicators point out a buy signal

LUNA Price Approaching Lows 

The price of LUNA dropped substantially in the last week. But obtaining some bullish acceleration, the price began surging rapidly, in the past few days. In the last 24 hours, the price strikes above $7.5 from a $6 knock off. When it was expected that the price would rise further towards a new high, it began to decline down the curve. 


At the time of writing, the LUNA price is seen at $6.48. However, in the early hours, the price soared extensively and touched $7.7. But with some bearish candles in a row, the price fell into a bearish lane. It failed to sustain at the $7 mark and dipped again to $6.5 and plunged further. Continuing the price might drop to $6 and sail here. On the contrary, if some more bullish candle accumulates, the price may start soaring to $7 again.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $7.44
  • The support value is $7.22
  • The indicators point out a dull buy signal

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XRP Price Slashes Post Wavering

The XRP ripple price has been oscillating within a range between $0.98 and $1.04. However, it skyrocketed beyond $1.08 at one point. But dipped after the hike. In the last few days, the price was sailing beyond $1.01 mark, fluctuating constantly. But today, it fell from $1.01 and slashed near $0.97. The trend for today may be highly bearish.


At the time of typing, the XRP price fell to $0.96. In the early hours, the price was travelling beyond $1.04, approaching $2. But the momentum has ceased and the downtrend is on board. The price dipped first to $1 and further to $0.96 now. Shortly, the price might slip more and strike $0.94 or below. But, with a bullish candle in line, the price may escalate to $1 and move in the previous range likewise.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $1.043
  • The support value is $1.035
  • The indicators point out a buy signal.
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