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Top Altcoins Ready to Reach Fresh New Highs This May!

April has been a relatively good month for cryptocurrencies. Although some altcoins have risen by more than 100%, Bitcoin (BTC) has marginally decreased.

A well-known crypto trader is forecasting a bullish future for Ethereum and other altcoins. He is revealing 11 altcoins that he plans to keep up this month as he speculates that altcoins are heading towards a massive breakout.

Top Altcoins to Keep an Eye for May Month

Syntropy (NOIA), a project focusing on transforming the public internet into a stable, user-focused network with built-in encryption and other performance-enhancing features, has seen many major price breakouts in 2021. When it comes to NOIA, Capo assumes the altcoin is in the midst of a major parabolic leap that could see it gain over 160 percent against Bitcoin (NOIA/BTC) from its current price of 0.00001229.

Next up is the Reserve Right Token which serves as the governance and utility token for Reserve, an Ethereum-based stable coin. Reserve Rights Token price today is $0.091361. Reserve Rights Token, according to Capo, has a 220% upside potential against Bitcoin (RSR/BTC) from its current value of 0.00000155.

The trader is also keeping an eye on the price of Ethereum. He believes the second-largest cryptocurrency’s rise would continue beyond $10,000.

Always step by step, but I don’t think the ETH top for this cycle will be $10,000. It will be higher.”

According to CoinMarketCap, Ethereum is on track to print a new all-time high as it soars above $3,000 at the time of publishing.

Constellation who’s price as of today is $0.078628 also holds a place in Capos list. The Balancer cryptocurrency is gaining traction as a top DeFi match. Investors are increasingly seeing Balancer as a decentralised exchange or automated market maker. Phala Network, which has already launched an ERC-20 version of its PHA token, which is also a Polkadot project, is also on the analyst’s list.

The oracle project Tellor (TRB), the autonomous economy network Sora (XOR), the digital market builder PorkSwap (PSWAP), the video and gaming protocol Verasity (VRA), and the blockchain-based ecosystem Sand make up the rest of the coins.

Capo believes altcoins, particularly low-cap coins, will rally because the Others Dominance index, which monitors the output of the crypto markets except Bitcoin and other big altcoins, has broken out of a massive five-year consolidation.

“Now is when people move from alts to BTC and alts pump a few days later. Very comfy being mostly in alts to be honest.”

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