Zcash and Ethereum Classic Could See New Gains Soon! ZEC Price Poised to Hit $1k


Kaleo is shedding light on privacy-centric and anonymous cryptocurrencies ZEC and ETC which might be gearing up for a massive breakout. He predicts that they are ready for an upward movement and also we can get to some great acceleration.


Zcash which is currently ranked 53, it’s Price Bulls Are ready to take off the next bull run. Since the start of the year, the price of ZEC has increased by over 200 percent. Investors have often been drawn to the coin’s anonymity. As in the past, ZEC will continue to fill the pockets of its investors.

The ZEC/BTC chart looks eerily close to the Ethereum Classic (ETC) chart just before it went parabolic in the ETC/BTC pair, according to the trader.

Ethereum Classic which is a decentralised application platform that runs on a smart contract network (DApps) is also on the traders radar. The rewards miners earn for verifying blocks increase as the ETC price increases, incentivizing more miners to enter the network and increasing network security.

ETC has gone parabolic in the last two weeks, rising from a low of around $33 on April 28th to a high of $167. If history is any guide, Kaleo believes ZEC can continue its parabolic rise. As for it’s USD pair, Kaleo thinks the asset’s rally will ramp up once it breaks above the $350 level.

“The chart below compares Zcash to Ethereum Classic. The moves over the past four and a half years are nearly identical. You can try to chase sh*tcoins that have already pumped, or you can buy the ones that haven’t yet and profit from patience. $1,000+ Zcash is programmed.”

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