7 Low Cost Altcoins Which Can Rule The Crypto Space In 2021


    The crypto space is filled with such gems which have the capability to surge to new highs

    Other than high cap assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, many other altcoins like CHZ, ZIL, HOT, and many more have the potential to surge high

The year 2021 is looked upon as one of the most successful and profitable years in the history of crypto space. The major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, YFI, and the medium ranged cryptos like Chainlink, Uniswap,etc have made headlines by smashing new highs. However, there are some low cost altcoins which silently surged like

Below mentioned are some such low cost gems which rallied remarkably and have the potential to mark new highs in 2021.


Polygon price had an historical rally in 2021, which surged more than 8900% in 4 months from $0.0173 to $2.86. No doubt the price experienced massive pullbacks which resulted in nearly 280%, yet recovered the losses in a very small time frame. The growing adoption and partnerships with various other platforms, may escort the price towards the set target at $5 initially and $10 by the end of 2021.

Low/High Price in 2021:- $0.019/ $2.86

Current Price:- $2.24

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token price rallied steadily without many dumps and drain outs. The price surged more than 780% in 2021, showcasing its ability to reach more highs in coming days. No doubt the rally included some major dumps, yet the price appears to be poised to sustain above $1. With the progressive rally and developments, the price is expected to hit close to $5 with an extended bull rally. 

Low/High Price 2021:- $0.204/ $1.65

Current Price:- $0.8794

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Stellar, also termed as the brother of XRP, showcased a similar rally as XRP. The XLM price intensified its rally since the beginning of 2021 with a couple of big green candles. Despite some corrections, the price failed to revisit the lower support levels below $0.2. The price went parabolic and was on the verge of hitting the previous ATH, yet experienced a massive drain which dragged the price close to $0.2. However, the predictions for XLM are pretty bullish and expected to hit $1 in 2021.

Low/High Price 2021:- $0.13/$0.9381

Current Price:- $0.44

Chiliz (CHZ)

Launched in mid 2021, Chiliz price traded within negligible range until a major push rallied the price high in the first week of March. The price surged more than 4400% within a month and was on the verge to smsah $1, yet declined within no time. The price dumped massively, yet sustained above $0.3 levels. However, despite the price revisiting lower levels, it appears self-assured to keep the bullish momentum intact. The CHZ price is expected to rally high to reach the yearly highs soon.

Low/High Price 2021:- $0.02/ $0.8915

Current Price:- $0.3182

Ziliqa (ZIL)

Ziliqa price appears to have been assured of a monster-like rally as it started the yearly trade with a healthy consolidation before a huge leg up. Until the recent market crash, the price maintained a slow yet steady uptrend accumulating more green candles. Despite the crash, the price has gained a bullish momentum and initiated a recovery phase in no time. However, the ZIL price is expected to rally high and is expected to hit $1 by 2021.

Low/High Price 2021:- $0.07/$0.2563

Current Price:- $0.129

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland was launched way back in 2018, yet failed to attract more traders and investors. However, by the end of 2020, the price was all set to rally high after huge consolidation. The MANA price broke the narrow trend and jumped high. The price jumped magnificently of about 2337% to mark the all-time high. Despite notable pullback, the price yet managed to flip the bearish trend. Moreover, the MANA price is expected to rally high above ATH to reach $5 by end of 2021.

Low/High Price 2021:- $0.08/ $1.63

Current Price:- $0.94

Holo (HOT)

Holo price, despite being launched in mid 2018, maintained a very low key performance until the beginning of 2021. The price spiked dramatically since the start of February and spiked notably to reach the highest levels ever. No doubt the price also experienced a slight pullback, yet it showcased a strong tendency to surge towards the north. In the coming days, the price is expected to swell until it reaches its target around $0.1.

Low/High Price 2021:- $0.0006/ $0.03

Current Price:- $0.0098

Collectively, some of the low cost gems have showcased a splendid rally with enormous gains. No doubt the high cap and cost cryptos also experienced a similar rally, yet these altcoins can also be considered for having a share in the portfolio. 

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