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Analyst Cantering Clark Says, These 6 Altcoins Are Flashing Bullish Signals


    These selected altcoins are ready to chase new highs according to kaleo.

Cantering Clark who is a significant and popular crypto trader as well as analyst says that he is following these six altcoins and keeping a watch on them. According to him, these altcoins are ready to take on the market and join the alt season rally which is in full swing.

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AAVE, which is ranked 16th in the market, has an admirable performance in the recent bull run. AAVE stood at a price level of $85 at the end of the year but skyrocketed to as high as $570.According to Clark AAVE can rise up to 150% from its current price of $376.73

“Send AAVE up to 475. I mean, ultimately it is going over $1,000.”

Next up being Chanlink, the price has rebounded and is approaching its all-time high as the cryptocurrencies rally gain more fuel. Clark says that it is setting the stage to breach key resistance around $30 which is a psychologically important level. And If the level is overcome, the altcoin should surge more than 30% in the coming days.


FTT and BNB also grab his attention as FTT made an impressive recovery and Binance Coin price is printing new all-time highs, carrying on the massive rally of 45% on March 30.

“Buying the dip in exchange tokens is +EV (positive expected value). BNB looks like it is about to go on a tear. FTT is going over $100 regardless of any short-term noise so…”


Clark also sets his eyes on SOL, commonly known as the Ethereum-killer. Its price has erupted by more than 1,562% from the lowest level since December. He also explains the fundamental reasons why Solana will eventually become one of the 10 largest crypto assets by market cap.


The last coin again being an Ethereum competitor is Polkadot. It has spiked to a new all-time high after crossing above the stubborn resistance at $40 recently and it has been rallying 190% between January 22 and April 4.

“DOT making moves. Long pretty hard.”

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